Here at NWL Radio, we use the latest mAirList software to compile,

schedule and broadcast our shows. Our studio allows us to either

broadcast live, or broadcast scheduled music, whilst recording pre-made

or “as live” shows at the same time.

We broadcast shows made by people from the North West Leicestershire region, students from local schools and colleges, as well as shows made by DJs from around the UK.  We welcome any interest from anyone looking to have a show broadcast on NWL, from general chart music to specific genres or artists.  Students from Castle Rock High School have interviewed famous faces from music, sport and TV, including Leicester legend Steve Walsh, Jack Savoretti, Zoe Ball, Fatboy Slim and X-Factor winner, Sam Bailey!

Click the logo, or visit the Listen page to stream the station from your own media players, or simply click on the Radio Player button to open a separate mini radio widget, that you can run minimised while you are using your computer or just browsing the web.

At NWL, we are interested in hearing from new local bands, artists and musicians, who would like to get their music on the radio!  If you would like to share your talent and get some airplay, just send us your tracks as an MP3 file, along with some information about you and your music.

For this and any other enquiries, you can email us at studio@nwlradio.co.uk